Several languages have come up in the past decade, some have been updated with new libraries whilst many new features have been added. Yet, most applications are being built by using C/C++ language. Why is this so?
Firstly, C/C++ have large collection of library files. Debugging tools are superb and well integrated in to the environment and binaries are independent of runtimes. AS C/C++ are native languages they are very fast for compiling as well as running programs that require iterations.
Further, C/C++ don’t use much cycle power of the computer running it. You don’t want to waste the memory of the user’s computer and hog his CPU performance. Java is great but is not easy to use. There are several steps involved in running it like installing Java Virtual Machine to updating,etc. Running an interpreted language is slow.
Further, C/C++ is to programming what Windows is to Operating System. We learn to use it in our schools without being given any options of learning anything else. They have been fixed in our psych.
C/C++ apps have faster start-up time than apps coded on other language.
The execution speed of C/C++ compilers are great. This is because they have been developed and updated for over a couple of decade. People like fast applications.
Further you can just click and run the program. No need to install or download runtime from Sun’s or Microsoft’s website.
However, you must remember that you must choose language that would suit your requirement. Here is the blogpost helping you decide what language to learn next.