I am an SAP consultant working in an IT company for past 4 years . And as every new Computer graduate I dreamt about starting my own “IT company”.

The dream quickly vaporized after I got in to a nice paying job. And starting an IT company is not easy. Either you need a brilliant idea and knack of handling good technical people (Steve Jobs) or you yourself must be very good in technology field. I am unsure where I am good at.

However, thanks to my friends, who used to earn “extra” income during college by designing for t-shirt websites, to ask me to partner with them in this T-shirt business. We are a group of four guys working in different companies and who cannot afford to resign from their jobs.

Even then, we meet at night to discuss the future course of action. We have decided how we will produce our goods and how we will market it. But, we are facing the very BIG problem of legal procedures. None of us know any of the legal procedures that is needed to be followed i.e. from company registration to creating VAT no and Tax ID. We don’t have enough capital to spare to hire an external expert.

We are trying to do everything own our own and it is turning out to be fun learning experience. Hopefully we will be ready before mid 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates as we tread across an unknown path.