We have got a good deal to market our products. We seemingly had a good deal for getting blank t-shirts and printing designs on them. But we were thrown of track when we got a call from a tshirt manufacturer in Tirupur who has offered to sell us the best quality t-shirt at the price of the worst quality t-shirt being sold in Mumbai.

But then I still called up few whole-sellers in Ludhiana, Punjab (the biggest manufacturers’ of t-shirts are here. Even big brands like Nike, ADIDAS, etc have their products manufactured here). I came to know that for them to give an reasonable rate, we will have to order at least 10000 units !!! Unfortunately, we cannot afford this at this stage.

One helpful person from Ludhiana suggested us to buy from Mumbai initially and then when we are ready to scale up to come to Ludhiana an personally check the materials.

It has become North vs South.(see map below)

We have also asked a friend to create a basic page for our website where we can list our t-shirts.

By the way, we got the contacts for the manufacturers from Justdial.

Here is the map about distance from Mumbai to above two places.

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