These days TV shopping ads are full of adverts of good luck charm. They come in various shapes and size and belong to various gods. If you are not doing good in business then there is a locket blessed by the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi or by Kubera the Lord of the wealth. Or if you are suffering from bad luck then you have a locket of God of Luck Shani or of Lord Shiva. And the list goes on.

The business of promoting and selling religious accessories is as old as the birth of religion itself. It is true in every religion of the world. That is one of the main source of income for religious institutions. And it was like a recurring source of income for them. It was easy back then. People would buy it out of faith. But these days with more and more people becoming atheist or semi-religious these institutions are having difficulty in selling.

So what do they do? Well target the skeptical with an undeniable proof – Science. You can see in the advertisements how they use the word science to attract the viewers.These lockets have been charged with prayers of several week using scientific methods – ha ha. A person who is undergoing a bad patch in his life would sure try this as it sounds so impressive – Two opposite poles in a same product.

What’s more, many religious figures are giving misleading figures in their speeches to drive home their point. A religious head had recently said after Section 377 (age old anti-homosexual law) was removed that it has been proven scientifically that homosexuality is curable through Ayurveda. I mean no disrespect to Ayurveda which is an ancient form of medication in India and still very effective and preferable for cure of many diseases. But the above claim is quite far from truth.

The government must put an stop to this. At least Broadcasting ministry should ensure that such nonsense is not shown on TV which has more bluff than any truth in it. If you want to sell a faith based object than you need to sell it that way and not merchandise the product as a high-tech gizmo and sell it to desperate viewers.