The only cheat code that I always remember is xyzzyspoon!. You might have guessed it by now that it belongs to the classic game Road Rash

Games need not be of high graphics or have a deep storyline. It surely needs to have the fun factor. Game companies are spending millions to make games that require high graphics and memory requirements. However, in quest to make it advance they forget that people play games to have fun. These days hardly any games that are being made have reached iconic stature as that of Mario and Road Rash, except for GTA franchisee.

The genius part of Road Rash was how it handled failure. When you ran out of cash and could not afford to repair your bike, it would be repaired for free, but in exchange you will have to get the repair shop more business by breaking someone else’s bike during the next race. If you were arrested and couldn’t afford to bribe the police, you had to make sure other bikers got arrested during your next race. 

Fun factor was the same reason why Nitendo Wii outsold Sony Playstaion 3 and Microsoft’s xBox. Wii appealed even to non serious gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune on gaming consoles or a high end computers.