They are irritating and they dampen the viewing experience on TV. Football is not complete without the cheers of the fans in the stadium. It is hardly audible. Every country’s fans have their own unique identity which adds spice to the world cup which has been negated by the Vuzuzela.

The supporters of vuzuzela say that it shouldn’t be banned as it is part of South African culture. But culture and tradition when becomes a nuisance should be curtailed. It is similar to creationist sticking to their beliefs just for the sake of it and with no real reasons.

I want to hear the English cheer on Rooney, Brazilian drum beats, Italians taunts, etc which adds so much to football. It seems it has been censored  by the vuvuzela like profanity is censored on TV with beep.

How would it be if the world cup if held in England featured hooligan fights? That was once part of English Football which had to be banned because it had become a nuisance. You might say Vuvuzelas are completely different. Hooliganism brings physical harm so does Vuvuzela; it makes people deaf.

Football is world culture and should take precedence over local , irritating and completely avoidable culture.